▽ New York City. △

Just finished 2lbs of crayfish, 1lb of snow crab legs, and Mac and cheese. So tired and sleepy and full. :-) #sweetlittletrip

i miss japan x1,000,000


(by ginjirou)

my cat hogs up all the bed space more than my gf

It’s official that I hate my job, I hate people, I hate the system of this hospital. Maybe I’m not always on time, as I have 8 human bodies to take care of, not even counting my very own. And that’s what people don’t understand. People don’t know I don’t take breaks, I never leave the floor, I never go around the corner to sleep for a few minutes. I’m here. I’m there. And I’m still never enough. Never. It’s a fucked up world. At the end of my shift, i am completely out of compassion. Out of empathy. I’m cold. My coworker asked if I was ok today as I am not my usual self. I’m not. My job isn’t fun anymore. These people. They can swallow the ocean empty.

feels like im back at school again using Document, trying to create an updated version of myself in a new format. Resumes are so darn tedious. But I need to get out of this place. i need to. 

Only my gf would send me a google picture of an exact kiwi she’s enjoying. Love her supes.

I want health.

we b all niteeeeeee


Food is my frenemy.