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"How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."
- той е всичко (via silviyanomnom)

so it’s been confirmed that I’m like 100% allergic to my cat and I still want her despite my breathing being compensated around her. For months I really didn’t want to buy an air purifier because of whether it will be cost efficient or effective. Everytime people tell me to buy it I’m like no. And then this week rolls by, my gf surprised me with a really sleek looking energy saving air purifier/hepafilter kind of thing. it helps my breathing but it doesn’t take the allergies away 100%. But my symptoms are much bearable now. But I just love her. she is the best. Have a good night.

If I was a pop singer or a rapper there wud be cats in all my music videos lol

my job is the perfect description of how hard you try, how hard you can help, and how hard you work to help someone get better- but it is never enough. when i mean never, i really do mean it. i never really feel the gratification that someone is healed completely, like how a superhero hovers their hand over a person and heals them. and when i tried very hard to ensure the safety of others, i get called in to a shitty square office with two head of nurses playing bad cop/good cop, and my last minute union rep. 

i don’t want to run circles around incompetence, constantly catching their mistakes and the one time i missed their mistake; i’m taking the ignorant blame for it. i’m a great fucking nurse. i can say so myself; because i goddamn see my living soul working hard caring for others. every bone in me is overworked. i challenge myself to get better everyday. i’ve been far past mentally drained at this point of my life. i’m no longer even considering that as a defeat. i consider that an accomplishment. because i’ve surpassed so many episodes of being mentally worn. this is the hardest thing i’ve done in my life. getting out of bed at 5am isn’t as bad. it isn’t as bad as running around doing a hundred things at once for the young, the old, the suffering, the dying, and the dead. the worse is when you get investigated for ensuring patient safety. it isn’t as bad as disrespecting me like that. 

"ew you got a litter stuck on your thigh."
- sister
"Human relationships are a chemical reaction. If you have a reaction - then you can never return back to your previous state of being."
- Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
"I’ve been hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I admire my heart for that."
- Alexandra Elle, Words from a Wanderer (via mourningmelody)
'You're my girl forever'

my patient told me she would never rat me out if I ever did anything wrong. she would even lie for me to the doctors even on behalf of her medical condition. Lmao. my nursing love goes to her.